Writer. Blogger. Hockey Mom. 40-Something Coed

In the beginning there was a hockey goalie. Being a hockey mom just begs to be written about, so when my daughter strapped on the pads, I picked up the pen. First blogging about the then Phoenix Coyotes for Fanster.com and Penaltyill.net, I found our hilarious tales for a great blog of my own. Blogging rink-to-rink as Puckgal, I was able to expand my writing prowess to include print and online magazine articles, covering various topics in youth sports, small business marketing, job seeking tips and travel. My portfolio expanded into social media marketing for the State of Arizona's Amateur Hockey association, building and expanding their online presence for three seasons.

Now, in my not-so-middle forties, I have added a new challenge, getting my Bachelor's Degree. As a student new to higher education, this too has been ripe opportunity to document the highs and lows of being a 40-something Coed (and when I say "lows" I mean math).

Fiction and non-fiction pieces are coming soon in my college literary review, contributions to "My Kid Plays Hockey" by Christie Casciano Burns, a children's book entitled "Hockey Toes" and an anthology of tales exploring revenge and redemption. 

Want to know more? Feel free to reach out to me at sharonenck@gmail.com.