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Being a hockey mom just BEGS to be written about so when my daughter strapped on the goalie pads, I picked up the pen. Since then I have been blogging rink-to-rink keeping the world of youth hockey real AND real funny. 

Through the highs, the lows, and the all-consuming hockey stink, us parents need to stick together!

25 Reasons To Love The Off Season

25 Reasons To Love The Off Season

Now many of you would argue that there ISN'T an off season what with all the camps, clinics, private lessons and other things parents put their kids through. However I think that even the most hockey obsessed family can relate to a few of these:

1) Your hockey friends can be just friends again. Maybe you've had too much of each other during the season, maybe they made some disparaging remarks about the goal that deflected off your kid's skate..either way now you can enjoy each other.

2) And speaking of friends, you get to see your NON-hockey comrades. After all, you have about 8 months of catching up to do. One of my friends is having a baby in July and I JUST found out about it!

3) The hemorrhaging of money stops..temporarily. Unless you are one of the above mentioned parents that puts their kid in every available camp. 

4) You can TALK about other things. For once, you don't have hockey brain 24/7. My co-workers will be most appreciative.

5) You can take a vacation that isn't a tournament weekend. I know this is a novel concept but you can vacation in places that don't have ice rinks.

6) If you a goalie parent you can finally breathe. It's amazing to me that any of us have brain cells left with the lack of oxygen that takes place when your goalie is in net. 

7) Also in the health department, your blood pressure can return to normal as there is no threat of a shootout or a close game.

8) Facebook friends realize that you don't live in a rink and that you have other interests. 

9) The hockey bag stink is somewhat manageable as the gear is allowed to actually dry. Although here in Arizona our overheated garages can bring out some forgotten funk.

10) You can bring in that jacket or parka you've been carrying around in the back of the car. Unless again you are a camp/clinic parent than that sucker stays, even in Arizona.

11) Get caught up on your NHL teams and enjoy playoff hockey.

12) Or episodes of The Walking Dead 

13) Or your housework (well, maybe not)

14) You get to show off your pedicure! No boots and wool socks in the offseason.

15) Enjoy a funk free car for a little while.

16) Bask in sunlight, not fluorescent light.

17) Things like hockey tape and game socks cease to be EVERYWHERE in your house...unless you are one of the moms I know who uses hockey tape for EVERYTHING!

18) Enjoy dinner that isn't overcooked from being in the crock pot too long or grown cold from sitting out on hockey nights.

19) Actually spend time with your spouse instead of being those two ships that pass in the night, or in the morning, or in the afternoon.

20) Accept invitations instead of declining because"we have hockey".

21) Spend quality time with your player OUTSIDE of the car.

22) You don't have to face the school attendance administrative assistant to explain why your player is out of school AGAIN!

23) Take pictures for your Instagram account that aren't inside a rink, outside a rink or on the way to a rink.

24) Kick your feet up with a book, or learn a language with an app. 

25) And for you other writers out there, you can write about other topics because you actually have some time! 


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