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I Think My Daughter is Trying to Kill Me

All over Facebook today I've been treated to photos of moms holding their gifts. Flowers, candy, beautiful breakfasts/lunches and of course the obligatory card. I remember every year asking my mom what she wanted for Mother's Day and all she ever said was "just get me a card". I always thought she was full of shit.

Until I became a mom.

Now, every year I look forward to what type of card I will get. Will it be macaroni, glitter, drawn or painted on? And course, what will it say? This year was no exception and I have to say that this Mother's Day message was the sweetest and the scariest one I've received yet. 

See below:

She will always "perish" me. WTF? I know she has developed a love for horror fiction just like I do but still that's a little macabre, even for me! 

I HAD to ask.

                               Me: Thank you very much for the card. It's very sweet..I think.

                                       McK: Uh-oh, what's wrong with it? (the joys of having a writer mom)

                              Me: You take a look and tell me.

                                       McK; (reads) (laughs) Perish? Oops. I was really tired. 

                              Me: You did mean "cherish" right? Or are you really trying to kill me?

                                      McK: Maybe.

                             Me: Which one???? 

                                     McK: Could be both.


For years I've been saying that she's trying to kill me. This year I could actually be right.

Happy Mother's Day everyone and here's to non-homicidal greetings from your children!






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