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Being a hockey mom just BEGS to be written about so when my daughter strapped on the goalie pads, I picked up the pen. Now I blog rink-to-rink keeping the world of youth hockey real AND real funny.

Through the highs, the lows and the all consuming stink, follow me on my journey to get through each season. Us hockey parents have to stick together! 

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Quotes from the Car: The Claritin Wars

McKenna sniffling and coughing.

Me: Have you been taking your Claritin?
McK: No.
Me. Why not? You are supposed to take it every morning.
McK: I don't want to. I am not sick.
Me. You didn't want to?! And it isn't because you are sick, it's for your allergies! You know this.
McK: No, the doctor doesn't even know I take it. They always ask if I take any medications. Shouldn't that be written down?
Me: I am sure it is in the chart somewhere but it is just easier to ask.
McK: Well, I am not sick.
Me: It's not for being sick! It's for allergies.
McK: I don't need it.
Me: Yes, you do! You have been sniffling for days, you think that is an accident??
McK: Maybe I am sick.

How do you argue with THAT logic??


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