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The Hockey Mom-ivore's Food Pyramid

Last week I had a very interesting conversation via Twitter. After viewing yet ANOTHER Tweet mentioning Tim Hortons and its importance to the survival of hockey moms in Canada, I made the random comment that I needed to visit Canada, if to only try out this national treasure.

And then came the outpouring..the love, the disdain (someone mentioned that Starbucks' old grounds were the base of Hortons coffee) and even sir Horton himself inviting me to order online. 

Which I am going to do since a visit up north from Arizona is not in my near travel plans (although a Dallas and Colorado Springs tournament are)

But it got me thinking..what foods are crucial to the hockey mom species survival? 

Coffee - The ultimate 6am practice wake-me-up and 6pm rejuvenator.

Hot Chocolate - For when the caffeine shakes kick in but you need something warm.

Donuts/Bagels or any other hand held breakfast food - For the multi-tasking mom who wants to be able to drive, eat, and use one hand to dig something (directions, phone number, an ibuprofen) out of her purse at the same time.

Pizza - For when cooking dinner is just NOT an option, usually any day of the week during the season that ends in "day".

Bagged salad - To alleviate any pizza related guilt.

Any crockpot recipe - Plug in, leave on, hot meal waiting at home? Sounds good but I just haven't found the time to buy one yet.

Got any favorites? What can't YOU live without?

And I will keep you posted with a full review of Tim Hortons. They have some hype to live up to.

The Hockey Mom-ivore's Food Pyramid

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