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Offseason Hockey Diaries: The Workout

Now we all know there is truly no off season. And to prove my point the coach of the new team my goalie will be on has sent out a workout program which is to be followed in the weeks leading up to the first practice.

Not a bad idea..get the kids in fighting shape before taking the ice after a maybe sedentary summer. Looks pretty innocent..push ups, planks, crunches, leg raises...and diamond push ups?

For those not familiar I am attaching a YouTube video.

After watching said video my goalie says "look easy". Of course it looks easy, the dude in the video probably does 50 a day and works out 8 hours.  After watching her struggle and giggle and pant through 3 of them, I tried to give them a go.

Whoever invented the diamond push up is a SADIST.

One of the hardest exercises I have ever done with the exception of the pull up...

And like a fool I had told her I was going to do the workout with her so I see MANY a diamond push up in my future.

One of two things will happen: I will die or become the buffest hockey mom out there. Ok maybe just a little more toned, my behind still needs to remain cushioned enough to handle the bleachers..

To be continued...

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