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Being a hockey mom just BEGS to be written about so when my daughter strapped on the goalie pads, I picked up the pen. Now I blog rink-to-rink keeping the world of youth hockey real AND real funny.

Through the highs, the lows and the all consuming stink, follow me on my journey to get through each season. Us hockey parents have to stick together! 

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All I Want for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza is...

I am not one for making Christmas lists having shunned the commercialism of the season long ago..however I am not opposed to making a wish list of the non-tangible hockey items I am yearning for.

- Our defenseman back from his concussion induced leave of absence. The team is missing him.

- The ties converted to wins, if there was a championship won on ties this year we would be top o'the heap.

- A hockey bag that doesn't smell like something died in it. Ok I know this is asking a lot but it is a WISH list.

- End of the NHL lockout..nuff said.

- Enough money for my goalie's new goalie chest protector. One that DOESN'T have to be held together with hockey tape.

- No more "five hole" goals from my goalie daughter. Amazing glove saves? Check! Awesome poke checking? Check! Dribblers through the five? Cue the sad music..

- A successful trip to Vegas and no, I don't mean a big win at the roulette table (although I wouldn't refuse it) but a better showing against the Jr. Wranglers than we had at the Thanksgiving tournament.

- As much fun the rest of the season as we have had up until now!

Here's a puckin' great holiday!

To Goalie With Love..NOT

Turkey, Travel and Torment...It's the Thanksgiving Weekend Tournament!