My name is Sharon Enck and welcome to my rink, where the seasons are long, and the stories are endless! 

Being a hockey mom just BEGS to be written about so when my daughter strapped on the goalie pads, I picked up the pen. Since then I have been blogging rink-to-rink keeping the world of youth hockey real AND real funny. 

Through the highs, the lows, and the all-consuming hockey stink, us parents need to stick together!

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Water Mom and Other Rookie Mistakes

The players on the ice aren’t the only ones making the mistakes. As a new sports mom, I was ignorant to the delicate balance of cool hockey mom and annoyingly overprotective. Case in point. The very first day of her hockey clinic I hovered by the glass like a puppy. Which was somewhat forgiveable, first time and all and lots of other parents were doing the same.

Unfortunately I didn’t stop there. Feeling that my daughter, after being out on the ice for approximately 10 minutes, was dehydrated to the point of a slow death I waved her over, water bottle in hand. It took only twice for the coach to pick up on this and he discreetly screamed cross ice “Hey Water Mom, she’s FINE!” Let the embarrassment begin. This became, for the rest of the clinic and her private lessons, my inescapable nickname. Much to my daughter’s amusement.

It wasn’t my first mistake nor my last. During her first travel season I thought I could crack the group of hockey dads that would often congregate around the glass during the practice. I didn’t see the harm, I understand hockey, am a big fan of the Phoenix Coyotes and have covered them on various websites so I figured why would they not wanna chit chat.

Boy was I wrong! At first I got the polite one word answers and brief sentences that I mistakenly took as conversation. Then it just got to the point where no one spoke. Much later when I met my husband he informed me that the group of alpha males that huddle around the glass or at the top of the bleachers are known as the “hockey gods”. There to preside over practice, much like Zeus over Mount Olympus. Untouchable and unapproachable by any female.Harrumph. So much for equality in hockey!

You never call them cute, take pics of them in the locker room or fuss over their war wounds. You need to make ‘suck it up’ part of your vocabulary.

Even rooting for your team has its own set of rules. Cheering is acceptable until your team is annihilating the other. Then you do a quiet golf clap or nothing at all. Having been on the receiving end of many a beating, it just stings to hear the other team’s parent go beserk when they score that 10th goal in your team’s scoreless game. Especially when it is your goalie giving them up!

The experienced parent mumbles under their breath and says things like “set it up” “get to the net” “watch that back door” while the inexperienced parent is hooting, hollering and yelling things like “SKATE!” “Get it out”. The ones who also wave to their kid on the ice, oh yeah I have done it and sometimes still do.

So maybe I am still a rookie..but a AA rookie now!

Hockey Walk of Shame

Corporate Life vs Hockey Life

Corporate Life vs Hockey Life