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Being a hockey mom just BEGS to be written about so when my daughter strapped on the goalie pads, I picked up the pen. Now I blog rink-to-rink keeping the world of youth hockey real AND real funny.

Through the highs, the lows and the all consuming stink, follow me on my journey to get through each season. Us hockey parents have to stick together! 

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Are You a Hockey FOM?

Ha’ke fom


a woman who transcends normal hockey mom-dom, a mother and a fan

In honor of my daughter’s squirt seaon, I am once again reminded of the obligation, dedication, utter insanity and sacrifice it takes to get through a travel hockey season. See if you recognize yourself, as I do, from the sign below:

-You haul around “rink clothes” (hoodies, boots and jeans) in the back of your car, even in 115 degree heat

-Your child doesn’t have a name anymore, you refer to them by position “my goalie”

-As is turns out, YOU don’t have a name anymore either…you are the “goalie’s mom”

-Free time is the hour the team is on the ice practicing

-A missing person’s report has been filed by one or more of your non-hockey friends during the months of August thru March

-You have formed immunities to frostbite, equipment odor and locker room bathroom humor

-You are always broke

-Ushers and security personnel at the arena know you by first name

-You have the ability to tape a stick, buckle a pad and carry on a conversation with the coach, simultaneously

-The year is blocked out in 2 distinct seasons, “hockey season” and “pre-season”

-You planned your wedding and honeymooon around tournaments

-About 1/3 of your wardrobe has some sort of a mascot on it

-You may not have driven the zamboni..but you have ridden around on one!

-Date night is at the concession stand at the rink

-You’ve received a HAND ADDRESSED holiday card from the minor league team in town

-Stanley Cup Finals rank as a national holiday in your household (although your boss doesn’t seem to think so)

I could go on and on but hey the season is young (and long) so I will save some for next time.

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Corporate Life vs Hockey Life

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